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Volunteer of the Month

Jackie Tardif

​​Jackie grew up in Maryland and her parents taught her to love and respect all animals no matter their size, but sadly, she never was able to have any experiences with horses. One summer during her college career, she got to start her journey with horses with a few riding lessons and instantly fell in love with the sport. After a year of lessons, she decided that she needed to get serious about school, so the lessons stopped. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, she moved to California and now designs and builds small satellites. She says, “I enjoy my work, but I needed a way to fulfill my volunteering passion and get my hands dirty”. She had heard about therapeutic riding from family on the East Coast and decided to try to find something similar in the area.  Through a physical therapist, she learned about Ride to Fly. She has been a dedicated volunteer with us for about a full year, coming to the barn almost every Saturday. Jackie does not wait to be asked to do a task, she just does it and does it well! She says that she enjoys volunteering with us so much that it is easier for her to get up early on Saturday morning than it is to get up and go to work. This last year has been hard for her setting up a life on the opposite coast from her family.  She says, “I am truly grateful for the people and the horses that are at Ride to Fly.  Ride to Fly has provided me a safe place where I feel welcome, accepted, and useful. I am honored to be a part of Ride to Fly as it is an amazing place that helps not only its students, but improves the lives of everyone it touches.”